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WPEngine vs A Small Orange Review

There are very few web hosting companies out there that offer reliable services. The web today is filled with all sorts of web hosting companies that offer poor services. Finding a good web hosting company, therefore, requires adequate research. Some of the most proclaimed web hosting companies today include WPEngine and A Small Orange. There are not many differences between these two, especially if you analyze them from the surface. However, you will find that there are significant features that distinguish them when deeply analyzed. WPEngine is a really good web host (especially when using wpengine coupons 2017), A Small Orange is quite good too, but the following differences will help you get a better perspective.

Comparing the Webhosting Services of WPEngine and A Small Orange

WPEngine vs A Small Orange: Reliability

WPEngine is a remarkable web host on a lot of scales while A Small Orange is also quite impressive. When it comes to speed, both of these companies are quite good. They have excellent speeds that can be described as among the best in the industry. WPEngine, however, edges out A Small Orange when it comes to reliability. Reliability is all about the uptime. WPEngine has a 100% uptime while A Small Orange which has a slightly lower record. When choosing a web host, reliability is a key factor. WPEngine is, therefore, the better web host in terms of reliability.

WPEngine vs A Small Orange: Support

Both these companies have a support system. There is not much to be said about A Small Orange when it comes to their support services, however. It is simply way behind when analyzed according to user reviews. Most reviewers recommend WPEngine as a premium web host with a highly reliable support. The support at WPEngine can be reached through various avenues that include social media, online contacts, and tickets among other means.

WPEngine vs A Small Orange: Pricing and Value

In terms of pricing, WPEngine has a higher price than A Small Orange. A Small Orange seems to be a company that targets the budget-oriented section of the market. WPEngine, on the other hand, can be said to have really competitive prices even though they are slightly higher. In terms of value, there is no doubt that there is good value for money from WPEngine. The services are simply excellent and they give the user a premium feel. The budget approach of A Small Orange means that some of their services are highly compromised due to the lower pricing.

WPEngine vs A Small Orange: Overall Features

When analyzed in terms of the features they pack, WPEngine is way more furnished than A Small Orange. The design, variety of customization options and premium content make WPEngine the automatic winner in this area. A Small Orange falls short in a couple of areas which make it less desirable.

The two web hosts definitely have their fair share of users. A quick study nevertheless reveals that user retention is higher on WPEngine than on A Small Orange. This adds, even more, accolades to the very remarkable web host. There is no doubt that WPEngine is one of the best web hosts out there, it easily gets a 5/5 rating.


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